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"Love Them All The Time"

Random ramblings of a Beatlegirl

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Loving The Beatles and especially George Harrison more than anything since March 1995.

That Eventuality: A George Harrison Blog
That Magic Feeling: A Beatles Fan Site

Where else to find me...

When time permits, I update my little labor of love, a Beatles fansite called That Magic Feeling.

The George blog I run is updated frequently, with scans, quotes, stories and more: thateventuality.

Also, if you're on Tumblr, love George Harrison and his music and would like to be added to the George directory at Harrison Scruffs, let me know. :)

For Beatles and solo Beatles purposes, I'm also on Twitter, cheerdown83

My user name comes from the Beatles song "Another Girl" (Lennon/McCartney)... fitting, since, well, I'm just another girl.
The journal title is modified from "I Need You" (Harrison) by The Beatles.


I still love The Beatles.